We want to thank you for your past support & participation in our Salad A Day CSA! The Salad A Day program has been a great way to share our locally grown, organic produce with the community while promoting healthy eating.
We ended this past season with a survey and received excellent feedback from our members. The strongest message we received was that there is an overwhelming desire for greater diversity of produce and for year-round deliveries.
We understand and appreciate the desire of our members to receive a wider variety of produce in their weekly delivery and to have the program be year-round. However, after almost 30 years of growing crops we also understand the strengths and the limitations of our farming operation and believe it is important for us to continue to focus on growing those items that we do best.
Meanwhile, we have learned that almost every successful CSA Program relies on different farms/sources in order to provide diversity of products and year-round availability to subscribers. In this model, participating growers get to concentrate on those crops that they specialize in and the consumer/subscriber gets the highest quality crops from a variety of different growers.
So, it is with this and your needs and satisfaction in mind that we have chosen to re-define our Salad-a-Day program by partnering with Chow Locally! Starting in November, Chow Locally will resume your program of CSA deliveries through their Chow Share program. The Chow Share is a box of 7-10 fruits and vegetables from multiple farms (including Duncan Family Farms) delivered each week. All of their participating growers practice sustainable farming methods and all are local farms. As a certified organic farm Duncan Family Farms is proud to partner with Chow Locally. We are excited that, by reaching into our fields and the fields of other local farms, they will be able to source the highest quality crops, provide you with wonderful variety, and support many local farms at once. We are also excited that this partnership will allow us to concentrate on growing those crops that we do best while continuing to share our bounty with the community.
For more information we encourage you to visit Chow Locally online at www.chowlocally.com. We will still be providing our fresh produce at the Wigwam Farmers Market on Sundays, through local retail outlets such as Whole Foods & Sprouts, as well as at several restaurants in the valley featuring “Farm to Table” menus.
Again, we want to thank you for your past support and we hope to continue providing our fresh, locally-grown organic crops to you through your participation with Chow Locally.

We invite you to enjoy the wonderful variety of locally grown produce, and encourage you to learn about the benefits eating in season. Seasonal eating allows you to experience the true taste of food, and to understand the nutritional benefits of eating a diet that is abundant with a variety of vegetables, fruits and whole grains.